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Interview with Peter Ley, a student who organizes “links in dialogue” together with others. “Links in dialogue” is a series of events organized by the “autonomous department of critical science and political education” at the University of Siegen.

Interviewer: Hey Peter, nice to meet you. When did you start “links in dialogue” and how did you get the idea?
Peter: The department exists since about five years, but not much has been done during this time. About a year ago, some fellow students had the idea to the series. First they were organized by the “kulturcafé” of the university, but then we wanted the events to be autonomous and we decided that it could be a good job for the “autonomous department of critical science and political education”, which is by the way completely organized by students.

Interviewer: What does the name “links in dialogue” want to express?
Peter: In german, the word links can be interpreted in two different ways, but in this case, it just means connections. Dialogue is meant as a synonym for the discussions we hope to start through our …

Interviewer: Which kinds of events does the department organize?
Peter: We are organizing lectures, readings, discussions and screenings on many different topics. The main topic during the last months was Latin America. We also had a reading with Gabriele Rollnick, a convicted terrorist. We currently offer….Marxism. In general, we try to cover topics which are not that actual in the wide public. Beyond mainstream, so to speak.

Interviewer: How is the response of the students ?
Peter: In general, the response is very good. We’ve often had up to 50 people. We mostly have different students, which probably make it dependent on the topic but we also have some people who attend the meetings regularly. There are sometimes people who do not belong to the university, because INSIDE SIEGEN publishes notes in which they announce our events.

Interviewer: What was the highlight in the series of “links in dialogue” so far?
Peter: Oh… yes!(laughs) That was the reading by Marco Carini, a journalist from Hamburg who wrote a biography about Fritz Teufel. Also, the reading by the author Gudrun Pausewang was a success.

Interviewer: What can the students look forward to?
Peter: Unfortunately, the program for the next semester is not ready yet, but we are offering a seminar about Neo- Marxism in January and I’d like to invite everybody who is interested.

Interviewer: Thanks for the interview, Peter. It was very interesting to talk to you and I was very pleased to finally meet you.